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How Often should you Change Cat Litter?

How Often should you Change Cat Litter?

Cats have strange behaviors; they are disturbed by filthy conditions. They have sensitive nostrils. A cat might stop using their litter box if it’s dirty. To a cat, a dirty litter box is tantamount to an unflushed toilet. No one can stand that sight. Just as we like to live and use clean bathrooms, we must maintain cat litter boxes in utmost cleanliness.

To make life better for your cats make sure you have extra litter boxes based on the number of cats in your house. It’s not possible to dedicate a specific box for each cat; a cat will occupy any available box. Place boxes at different locations in your house.

Cat litter boxes come in different types and shapes.

These are the most popular best cat litter boxes.

  • Covered boxes

Some pet owners prefer covered cat litter boxes for their cats. These boxes limit the litter that will be splashed out of the box when the cat is playing. Covered boxes afford privacy for the cats. But do you know covered boxes can be easily forgotten and left dirty for long? If you use a covered cat litter box for your cat, keep checking to make sure it’s always clean.

  • Self-cleaning boxes

Modern cat litter boxes are self-cleaning. They come in different sizes and shapes. Besides, they are fitted with various features that make cleaning easy. These litter boxes are convenient to use. But before using these boxes for your cat, experiment to know what your cats prefer. If they prefer the covered boxes go for such and vice versa.

Types of cat litter

The market today is flooded with different cat litters. Common types of cat litter include; clumping/scooping litter, clay litter, silica gel/ crystal based litter, and plant-based litter. Cats like litter with fine particles. The latest scooping litters have fine granules and prevent the development of odor. Try several types of cat litter and settle for what your cat prefers.

Pet lovers prefer using scented litter boxes though the scent might keep the cats from using the box. If you want to minimize the odor from cat litter boxes, place a thin layer of baking soda at the base of the box. Baking soda will absorb the odor without affecting your cat.

How often should you change the litter?

There is not any straight answer on How Often should you Change Cat Litter. The frequency of changing the cat litter will depend on the litter used. If you have used scoopable litter in your cat box, scoop the clumped litter each day. This litter requires you to put adequate amounts since you will always have to remove the clumped litter. After every 2-3 weeks, you will need to discard all the litter, clean the box and put new fresh litter. If you use clay litter, you will only require a thin layer of the litter.

You should clean the liter each day, but after a week or two, you must discard all the litter. If you recognize the cat litter is wet or clumped, it’s the best time to scoop the remains. Irrespective of the litter used for your cat box, cleanliness is a must. Each day inspect the litter box and scoop any clumped litter.

Keeping the cat litter box clean is a sure way of keeping your cat healthy and happy. Besides a clean cat litter box will avoid the spread of diseases and pests from the cats to humans.

How to clean the cat litter box

Before cleaning the litter box, you must dump all the litter from the box. Frequent cleaning of the litter box avoids buildup of feces and urine. To clean the litter box, use warm water and soap. When cleaning cat litter boxes make sure, you have replaced the boxes with clean ones. If you detect an odor from the cat litter box, it’s the perfect time to clean the box. Most pet experts recommend washing the cat litter boxes after every 2-3 weeks depending on the litter used. When cleaning cat litter boxes avoid using bleach; cleaning agents with citrus oils or ammonia should not be used. These substances are toxic to cats. Use mild detergents to clean cat litter boxes.

Clean litter boxes are the best ways to reward your pets besides superb meals. Always be on the lookout each day to make sure your cat litter boxes are clean. Use the litter box and litter that your cats prefer. In case you note any strange behavior in your cat, consult a vet for expert advice and consultation.

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How Often should you Change Cat Litter?