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Best Flea Treatment For Cats 2021

Best Flea Treatment For Cats 2021




Cat flea prevention is possible. However, if you haven’t taken flea preventive measures serious and could notice your kitty friend restless, scratching and chewing her skin, chances are, fleas have crept into your home.  You need best topical flea treatment for cats to rid your cat and home of this loathsome parasitic infestation before it gets out of hand. Worried that fleas may have infested your cat? We are here to help!

There are things you can do to eliminate the fleas and prevent any potential re-occurrence. Knowing how to discover and eliminate fleas on your cat and around your home could help to reduce your cat’s distress. Many best flea treatment for cats act fast and are easy to give to your pet. We have provided in this comprehensive guide essential fleas treatment tips and also made our recommendations of the best flea medicine for cats 2021.


Comparison table


Product Name



Frontline Plus for Cats and Kittens (1.5 pounds and over) Flea and Tick Treatment, 6 Doses-$63.99

Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention for Cats-$58.99

Sentry Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Control Medication-$49.32



PETARMOR 6 Count FastCaps for Dogs-$47.99

Sentry Fiproguard Flea and Tick Topical for Cats, 1.5 lbs and Over, 3 Month Supply-  $44.99

Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets-$30.95

Bayer Advantage Flea and Tick Treatment Spray- $20.74

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How we decided the best flea treatments for cats

We made our top picks based on our research, expert recommendations and testimonies of many pet parents. Our list includes both medications for clearing up infestations and best flea preventive treatments. The factors that determined our choice include the following:


The safety and effectiveness of the active ingredients


Insecticides are commonly integrated into flea medications. Although you may worry about the safety, pesticides integrated into cat flea medicine are commonly safe. Blush, and wondering how it is possible? That’s understandable, but they normally go through a quality check and must pass health and safety test before ever such medications are legally made available in the market. The test and approval must come from the Environmental Protection Agency. And, so long as you follow the usage instructions, everything should be fine.


Despite how potentially safe pesticides are, they could result in harmful side effects if used wrongly. So, to ensure that you have the best possible safe best cat flea treatment, we  researched through the database of the the FDA and the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), double-checked  with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) resources and examined the information provided by the EPA to know unsafe active ingredients to stay away from. All our recommended products are free from the following potentially harmful active ingredients.


Harmful active ingredients commonly found in pesticides used in Cat flea medicine



EPA and Humane Society data show that excessive exposure to tetrachlorvinphos commonly results in some negative side-effects like vomiting, faintness, and disorder. It can paralyze and sometimes cause the death of the individual.


A branch of CDC, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registration, found that human exposure to pyrethroids can result in lack of sensation. It can also make an individual experience a burning sensation and feel itchy or tickly. Pyrethroids are commonly represented in flea medication labels as Etofenprox and flumethrin.




As noted by VCA Hospitals, proper dosage of pyrethrins and pyrethroids doesn’t constitute any harm to cats. However, cats that take medication that contains them will likely face dangers of poisoning from excessive usage because they may have exposure to the ingredients elsewhere. The effects of such excessive exposure include nausea, lack of coordination, trembling, shivering, spasm, breathing difficulty, and hypothermia.




Selamectin is another harmful ingredient to avoid because it leaves a large amount of deposit

on individuals who come in contact with it. So, you may face some sort of harm if you regularly give it to your pet.


Ease of application

There are different formulations of cat flea medication. This can include liquid treatments applied on the spot, oral medicines, sprays, anti-flea collars, and shampoos. Our selections include most easily accessible flea medications and the one that you can easily administer to your pet. We included spot-on treatments, oral meds, and spray.

Spot-on cat flea medicine

Spot-on flea medications are commonly a liquid mixture of pesticides and growth inhibitors. The pesticides eliminate the existing flea, while the growth inhibitor serves a preventive purpose. All you do is apply for the medicine above the neck of your cat, so it doesn’t get licked. Apart from eliminating flea, they also help to get rid of lice and ticks.

Oral medications

These yield faster result compared to the spot-on medications. Once administered, they immediately get discharged into the bloodstream of your cat and any flea that bits the cat gets killed immediately. These medications eliminate any flee on the cat within 30 minutes of administering the medication. However, they are less effective as preventive measures compared to spot-on best flea treatment for cats.

To completely treat your cat and eliminate cat flea from your home follow the steps below:


1. Give your cat oral flea medicine


This kills adult fleas on the cat within 30 minutes. Repeat the next day to kill any potential flea eggs or larvae that may have hatched.


2. Comb any remaining flea out of the fur


Use a flea comb dipped inside a bowl containing a mixture of detergent and water to comb out the remaining flea.


3. Give your cat a wash with a gentle cat flea shampoo

Bath your feline friend using cats’ flea shampoo.  Despite how your kitty friend may dislike it, it is an essential step to eliminate flea dirt.

4. Invest in preventive measures


As soon as your cat’s fur dries out, treat him with an anti-flea preventive medication.

Such preventive medications kill adult fleas, keep flea away from your pet for a long period and also make environment unconducive for flea eggs and larvae to multiply by killing them.


Best Flea Prevention For Cats

Fleas can make a cat overly itchy and can cause deadly infections. Besides, the usual summer months that heralds the growth of fleas, some fleas have the capacity to survive through the winter month especially where the temperature doesn’t fall beyond the zero marks.


The best way to completely eradicate flea infestation, therefore,  is to invest in year-round preventive measures. The best flea preventive medications for fleas are commonly liquid medications or oral tablets administered once on a month-month basis. Tablets are more convenient to administer but most cats would resist pills.


Fortunately, there are liquid medications that also function well. These medications eliminate both adult fleas and their eggs and are fantastic solutions for breaking the life cycle of the flea.


We included the best flea preventive medication in our top picks. These formulations contain an insecticide Fipronil which is approved EPA for eliminating any living flea on your pet. Besides, they also contain (S)-methoprene  which inhibits further growth of cat fleas by breaking their reproductive cycle.


The best part of it all is, that by giving your cat the medication just once every month, you can eliminate present infestation and prevent future re-occurrences.

So, if you are looking for best flea prevention for cats, check out:

  •   Frontline Plus for Cats
  •   Sentry Fiproguard Flea and Tick Topical for Cats

Check out these if you want best cat flea medications for fast action:

  •   Sentry Capguard (nitenpyram) oral flea control medication
  •   Novartis Capstar flea tablets
  •   Bayer advantage II flea prevention for cats
  •   Petarmor 6 count Fastcaps for dogs


And for best  anti-flea spray, check out:


  •   Bayer Advantage Flea and Tick Treatment Spray


Best flea treatment for Cats Reviews 2021: Our Top Picks

1. Frontline Plus for Cats and Kittens Flea and Tick Treatment


Frontline plus contains two power active ingredients; fipronil and (S)-methoprene. These two work together to provide both curative and preventive remedy to your cat. It’s fast action and 30-days protection makes it the best monthly cat’s flea medication. While it begins to kill fleas on your pet’s body after four hours, other spot-on best topical flea treatment for cats take as much as twelve hours to become effective. It serves multipurpose and concurrently helps to eliminate both fleas, ticks, and lice and stops re-occurrence. Frontline Plus for Cats is a trusted brand of flea medication that veterinarians recommend for roughly twenty years.


Why choose Frontline Plus?


Frontline Plus begins to kill pests in roughly four hours of application. And by around 12 hours,  all the fleas on the body of your feline friend is gone whereas related brands only begin to kill fleas after 12 hours. Clearly, this sets Frontline above other spot-on best topical flea treatment for cats. Besides, the effects last for 30 days and it can be used both for monthly treatment and for preventive purposes and provides a fast remedy to your kitty friend.

Ease of application

Frontline Plus application mechanism is better that of related brands. It utilizes easy-to-peel pack and a thin-break-away with less accidental leak out to unwanted areas.

Long-lasting effects

The medication not only kill adult fleas on your pet, but it also eliminates flea eggs and larvae prevent further flea reproduction and multiplication. Besides, the effects last for a whole 30 days. Thus, it gives your cat long-lasting yearly protection when administered once every month.


  •   Keeps you, your pet and home from flea infestation
  •   Easy application
  •   Thirty days lasting protection
  •   Serve both curative and preventive treatment
  •   Fast action
  •   Trusted and recommended by veterinary doctors for roughly twenty years.


  •   Frontline is pricier compared to other spot-on flea treatments. However, with its quick action and easy application process, it makes a good buy.  It is definitely not the best choice for pet parents looking for cheaper flea medication.
  •   It has a stronger chemical smell compared to related medications. If your feline friend is very sensitive to smell, it may not be the best choice. In that case, Sentry Fiproguard Plus would be your preferred choice.
  •   Your pet may experience some temporary sensitivities or pain at the spot where you applied the medication. Consult your veterinarian if it persists.


2. Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention for Cats


Bayer Advantage II is one of the best flea treatment for cats in 2021. One application keeps your cats free from flea for a whole month. You’d commonly start to see the effect within twelve hours of application. Besides, it is convenient. All you need to do is apply the medications at the neck of your cat. This diffuses through the body and kills fleas by contact. The flea doesn’t need to bite the cat to be effective.


Unlike most medications, it is odorless, water resistant and kills both adult fleas, flea eggs, and the larvae. This makes it an effective treatment for breaking the life-cycle cat-flea. Although it is a bit expensive, it provides sufficient value and is a lot cheaper than visiting the vet.

Why choose Bayer Advantage II?

Convenience and ease of application

It is a convenient way to treat your pet especially if you have trouble getting your feline friend to swallow pills. It kills fleas by contact and not until after unpleasant bites on your cat.

Breaks up the life cycle of fleas

The first active ingredients kill adult fleas by attacking their nervous system. While adult fleas make up only 5 percent of the menace, the second active ingredient handles the rest ninety-five percent issues of fleas infestation by killing all flea eggs and larvae.

Long-lasting effects

A single treatment clears you cat of infested fleas and prevents additional infestations for one month. Thus, it is a well-situated medication for protecting your cat from flea infestations on monthly basis.


  •   Recommended by veterinarians for monthly cat flea treatment
  •    Odor-free
  •   Kills fleas by contact. Fleas don’t have to bit your cat to be effective
  •   Ease of application
  •   Curative and preventive treatments
  •   Proven effects after 12 hours of application
  •   Thirty days of long-term effects.
  •   Water resistant


  •   It is a little pricier than related cat flea medications. However, it provides sufficient value for the price. Besides, you may be able to purchase it cheaper from Amazon than other places.
  •   The product can cause balding if not used appropriately. Ensure you weight your cat and use appropriate dosage.


3.  Sentry Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Control Medication


Sentry Capguard comes in a single dosage oral treatment that eliminates adult fleas on your pet. It works as fast as 30 minutes after your cat ingests it. The active ingredient is Nitenpyram, which is vet-approved for the elimination of adult flea on your pets.


Besides, because it is orally given, it minimizes the chances of being washed or rubbed off. Also, you don’t have to bother about messing up your hands or accidentally discharging it in an unwanted location. It is safe for both cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs weighing two-pounds and more or pets older than one month.


Why choose Sentry Capguard?

Fast action


The effect of this cat flea medicine gets noticed only 30 minutes after administration. It kills all adult fleas on your pet but not as effective against larvae and eggs.


Easy dosage administration


One dosage of Capguard eliminates all the adult fleas on your pet’s body. You can always give another dosage to treat any future infestation but, most not be more than one dosage a day.




It is safe for cats and kittens weighing two pounds and more. It equally works for puppies and dogs of the same age and weight.



  •   Cheaper and effective: Contains the same active ingredient, Nitenpyram, found in Capstar but a lot cheaper.
  •   Ease of administration
  •   Fast action
  •   The effects last only for 24 hours. By giving your pet dip bath and combing this medication with the drugs that offer lasting flea protection like frontline, you can this medication help to completely eradicate fleas from your cat.
  •   It is safe for both cat and dogs



  •   Only kills adult fleas and doesn’t kill eggs and larvae
  •   It doesn’t offer long-term protection

4. PETARMOR 6 Count FastCaps for Dogs


PetArmor FastCaps contains the active ingredient, nitenpyram, which is effective against adult fleas. It is an orally administered OTC flea medicine. This fast-action and an easy-to-administer pill start to work roughly 30 minutes after use.  It is safer to use for a cat on a multiple pet household to avoid accidental lick-off and possible poisoning. Also, you don’t need to be worried about washing off or wipe-off from the pet’s body.  Besides, it eliminates the hassles of muddled up hands.


Why choose Petarmor FastCaps?


Fast action

One dosage of PetArmor FASTCAPS starts to eliminate all adult flea on your pet within 30 minutes of usage. Within four to 6 hours, it eliminates 90 percent of adult fleas on your pet.

Easy dosage

You can administer the pill directly into the pet’s mouth or disguise it in their food. However, it may not be a good option for your kitty friend if he struggles with pills.

Safe to use in a multi-pet environment

It is an oral cat flea medication and there is no danger of the pets licking it off.  Also, you can treat all the pets in your yard simultaneously.


  •   Immediate and fast effect
  •   Efficient and cost-effective
  •   Easy-to-dose tablet begins working within 30 minutes
  •   Approved by FDA
  •   Available as OTC flea cmedication
  •   Formulated with an active ingredient which is vet-approved.
  •   It can be used together with other fleas medications and dewormer
  •   Safe for pregnant and lactating cats



  •   May cause occasional birth defects or neonatal loss
  •   Excessive scratching from the effects of the medication as the fleas start to die but this is temporal.
  •   It kills only adult fleas and doesn’t serve a preventive purpose
  •   Large size-pills

5. Sentry Fiproguard Flea and Tick Topical for Cats, 1.5 lbs and Over, 3 Month Supply


Sentry Fiproguard is a cat flea treatment solution that eliminates flea attack, and as well kills ticks, and lice. Fiproguard comes in the same active ingredient, Fipronil, recommended by vets and found in Frontline. A single dose provides not only fast-acting effects but a sustained protective effect over a one-month period. Besides, the medication is water resistant and doesn’t wash away. This best flea treatment for kittens is suitable for cats aged two months and above or weighing up to 1.5 pounds.

Fast action

This is a spot-on medication that starts to function a few hours after application and the effects last for 30 days.

Easy of application

It is much easier to administer than oral flea medication for cats, especially for oral medication averse-cats. Also, it makes it more convenient and easy for the pet-parent. Besides, it is water-resistant and this means it won’t get easily washed off.

Long term curative and preventive effect

It helps to break the fleas life cycle by eliminating both adult fleas, flea eggs, and larvae. Sentry Fiproguard comes in a combination of two vet-approved powerful active ingredients for the total elimination of flea and ticks which are carriers of Lyme and other disease conditions.


  •   Provides one-month-long flea protection
  •   Treatment option for multiple pests including fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.
  •   Water-resistant
  •   It is vet recommended flea treatment for cats and contains active ingredient found in frontline
  •   It’s a generic form of Frontline and contains the same active ingredient.
  •   Works as both curative and preventive cat flea treatment
  •   Cheap and effective
  •   Ease of application
  •   Fast-action
  •   long lasting



  •   You need to weigh your cat and ensure appropriate does usage to avoid sensitivity
  •   Possible ingestion by other pets placed together


6. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets


Capstar is a fast-acting oral cat flea medication that starts working on your pet after four to six hours of administration. It is designed not to kill fleas by contact but from inside out. When a flea bites a cat with the medication, it sucks up the medication into its bloodstream and dies. This prevents further reproduction and the effects of a single dose last for a maximum of 24 hours on your pet. It is one of the best cat flea medications for fast action you can lay your hands on.

Why choose Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets?

Fast  Action

Capstar yields fast results and lets you see the effect in as little as six hours after administering it to your pet. You need just a single dose to get the desired result and the effects last for a total of twenty-four hours.  However, it doesn’t provide lasting protection. You’d need to combine with other long-acting medications to achieve a lasting effect.


Capstar is safer than cat pesticides’ medications administered monthly. It is also more efficient than topical insecticides that can spill over to your hands or which could be accidentally licked off by any other pet in the yard which can result in illness.

Comprehensive treatment solution

Capstar is effective for eliminating the most difficult fleas infestations and the ones that attach to your pet’s coat. It thoroughly kills the flea from within. And when utilized together with topic solutions like Frontline, a flea bath, and a regular house cleaning,  it makes the environment very unconducive for any flea to thrive.


  •   It serves a dual purpose and can work for both cate and dogs
  •   It is cheap and cost-effective
  •   Fast action and immediate control of fleas infestations
  •   Provides a comprehensive flea treatment when combined with flea bath and topical treatments
  •   It defies fleas resistance. Capstar kills a flea that ingests it from inside out and prevents further reproduction and multiplication.


  •   It provides immediate and short term solution and commonly kills adult fleas while it does nothing about the egg and the larvae. For long term effect, consider paring it with best topical flea treatment for cats that have lasting effects like Frontline plus.
  •   Cats need to be given one tablet a day. It may not be a great option if your kitty friend has trouble taking oral medication in the past.
  •   Some cats may be sensitive to Capstar due to the active ingredients in it known as moxidectin.


7. Bayer Advantage Flea and Tick Treatment Spray


Bayer Advantage Flea and Tick spray is very efficient against fleas, ticks, and lice. It doesn’t only kill pest on the feline body but also helps to keep your home fleas-safe by eliminating fleas in bedcovers, settee and between fissures between cabinets. Thus, it suitably works as part of a holistic fleas eradication regimen in a household. Do not use it for your pet until it is above seven months of age.  This cat flea medicine is safe to use directly on your cat. It doesn’t harm your pet when applied directly on the body.


Why choose Bayer Advantage Flea and Tick Treatment Spray?

Easy application and fast action

To kill the fleas on the pet’s body, all you need to do is just spray and dampen the fur with the liquid. Also, spaying it around your home eliminates any flea infestation.

All-inclusive best flea medicine for cats

It works as an effective treatment for fleas on the cat’s body and everywhere around your home including bed linens, floorings, rugs, mats, pet bedding, crevices on the floor and cabinets. It helps to break the fleas life cycle because it effectively kills both adult fleas, eggs, and larvae.


  •   All inclusive fleas treatment regimen for your home.
  •   Well tolerated
  •   It eliminates fleas by contact
  •   Cost-effective
  •   Less invasive
  •   Great for multiple pet household.
  •   Works on pets as well as on the beddings
  •   Fast action




  •   You need a good amount of the product in one application.
  •   It kills flea by contact but is not a good preventive measure
  •   Not odorless. It comes with some sort of medicinal smell.


What are cat fleas


Cat fleas are widespread parasitic pests that primarily attack cats by biting and sucking up their blood. However, they also invade dogs. If your cat suddently gets excessively scratchy, chances are that your feline friend has got cat fleas.

How to prevent cat fleas


The best preventive measure for cats flea is to use monthly topical best topical flea treatment for cats which both serves curative and preventive purposes. These cat flea medications function by upsetting the nerve receptors of the flea. They are commonly applied at the back of the pet’s neck where they are trapped by the furs. The administered medication, then slowly diffuses all through the cat’s body and kills any flea that bites the cat.  Such formulations commonly come with two active ingredients with one serving as a growth inhibitor that prevents re-infestation and the other one kills all adult flea on the pet’s body.


The Wrap Up


There you have it, all you need to know about the best flea treatments for cats, 2021. All the options we recommended here work effectively, but what is the best choice for you and your cat depends on the degree of infestation and what you aim to achieve. Let’s know how you get on!






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